Middle Technical College


Application Process

  • Student completes the application and submits a typed and signed essay of at least 150 words answering the question: "Why do you want to attend Middle Technical College High School and how will this impact your future goals"
  • Student requests a current transcript from his/her high school counselor¡¦s office and attaches it with his/her essay and the Parent/Student Agreement to the MTCHS application and submits all documents to the MTCHS office no later than May 1, 2016.
  • Student requests a recommendation from one teacher and from his/her high school counselor. Recommendation forms are available online with the application.
  • Students meeting all criteria will be informed in May of either an interview or of lottery dates if there are more qualified applicants than available spots in the MTCHS program. Students who do not meet criteria will receive a letter to that effect the first of May.
  • Students accepted into the program must attend an Orientation Day the end of May. A parent or guardian is required to attend with the student on this day.


Mission Statement

MTCHS will provide students with hands-on, real world job skills and opportunities, connect students to industry leaders in the community, and serve as an integral resource for all community stakeholders.

Vision Statement

MTCHS commits to graduating certified, career-ready students and providing opportunities to prepare them for continuing education so they may serve as contributing citizens in the community.