Middle Technical College

Items Required for Sumner County Middle Technical College High School Interview

  •  GPA of 2.5
  •  MTCHS Application
  •  Parent/Student Agreement
  •  Two Teacher Recommendations
  •  Counselor/Administrator Recommendation
  •  Current High School Transcript

All of the above information must be in a student's file before s/he will be considered for the MTCHS program.

*** In addition to the above items, a review of the student’s attendance and discipline records will be conducted by the Sumner County Middle Technical College High School Admissions Committee.

Items Required for TCATN at Portland

The following items will not be needed until the spring Orientation Day at TCATN Portland. This date will be announced in the student acceptance letter to the MCTHS program.

  •  TCAT Enrollment Application
  •  Immunization Records
  •  Hepatitis B Form
  •  Copy of Birth Certificate
  •  Copy of Social Security card
  •  $10 per semester SkillsUSA fee

Mission Statement

MTCHS will provide students with hands-on, real world job skills and opportunities, connect students to industry leaders in the community, and serve as an integral resource for all community stakeholders.

Vision Statement

MTCHS commits to graduating certified, career-ready students and providing opportunities to prepare them for continuing education so they may serve as contributing citizens in the community.