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Middle Technical College High School

Q and A

What is a middle technical college high school?

A middle technical college high school is a small school designed so students can earn both a high school diploma and a TCAT diploma or industry credential. Middle college technical high schools have the potential to improve high school graduation rates and better prepare all students for high-skill careers by engaging them in a rigorous curriculum and compressing the number of years to a TCAT diploma or industry credential.


Who is eligible to apply for the Sumner County Middle Technical College High School?

Any student entering their eleventh or twelfth grade year enrolled in a Sumner County School is eligible.


Where do students attend the Sumner County Middle Technical College High School at TCATN Portland?

Students attend this high school on the new campus of TCAT Nashville in Portland (adjacent to Portland East Middle School).


Is transportation provided?

Students who attend middle technical college will be responsible for their own dependable transportation to and from the college campus.


Who teaches the courses?

TCAT skills courses are taught by TCAT instructors and classes will have college students in them. College students may range in age from 16 to 80. Some classes such as math and English will be taught by Sumner County teachers at the TCAT Portland campus


Will my credits transfer to another college?

Upon high school graduation, students who attend the middle college do not have to remain at TCATN. Students who also earn a TCAT diploma may apply TCAT credits towards an Associate of Applied Science degree at any Tennessee Board of Regents community college.


What high school will be listed on my diploma?

Since Middle Technical College High is an accredited high school and students who attend middle college have actually transferred from another accredited high school, all diplomas will be conferred by the Sumner County Middle Technical College High School at TCATN Portland.  Middle technical college graduates will be recognized and receive their diplomas during a commencement ceremony which is scheduled in accordance with the other high schools in the district.


Are there expenses to attend the middle college?

Through the utilization of grants and scholarships, middle college students will not be required to pay tuition nor will they incur the expense of textbooks. They will, however, be financially responsible for any supplemental requirements. Students will be apprised regarding any fees that may be assessed.


What is the typical schedule of a middle college student?

The middle college does not follow the same daily schedule as the traditional high school. In fact, high school courses follow the block schedule of Monday, Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday like those of college courses. Thus, each student has a different schedule based on the days and times of his/her college courses and the days of their high school courses. All students must report daily to the middle college high school office. Per state law, attendance must be recorded on a daily basis and by class period.

Mission Statement

MTCHS will provide students with hands-on, real world job skills and opportunities, connect students to industry leaders in the community, and serve as an integral resource for all community stakeholders.

Vision Statement

MTCHS commits to graduating certified, career-ready students and providing opportunities to prepare them for continuing education so they may serve as contributing citizens in the community.